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What forms of care do we offer (e.g. senior care, nursing care, end of life care etc)? 

We cater to the diverse needs of adults both over and under 65. Our comprehensive range of care services includes:

1. Personal Care: Our dedicated staff ensures personalized assistance with daily activities, promoting independence and well-being.

2. Nursing Care: Trained nurses are on hand to provide specialized medical care, monitoring health conditions, and administering necessary treatments.

3. Complex Care: For individuals with complex health requirements, our expert team delivers tailored care plans to address specific medical and lifestyle needs.

4. End-of-Life Care: We offer compassionate support and comfort during the final stages of life, prioritizing dignity, respect, and emotional well-being.

Our commitment is to create a warm and supportive environment, ensuring the highest standard of care for all residents.

Henry Nihill House is a Christian care home,but are people of other religions or faiths welcomed to reside here?

Absolutely, yes. While Henry Nihill House holds a Christian foundation, we warmly welcome individuals of all religions and faiths. Our community is inclusive and embraces the diversity of beliefs, ensuring that everyone feels at home and receives the care they deserve, regardless of their religious background.

What sets us apart from other care homes in the area?

At our care home, we stand out in several ways, making us your top choice:

1. Personalized Care Approach: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident, ensuring a truly individualised and attentive care experience.

2. Warm and Inclusive Community: Our welcoming environment that encapsulates our religious spirits fosters a sense of belonging for residents and their families, creating a supportive community that goes beyond just care.

3. Skilled and Compassionate Staff: Our dedicated team is not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to providing compassionate and respectful care, ensuring the well-being and comfort of our residents.

4. Innovative Programs and Activities: We offer a diverse range of engaging programs and activities, promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being to enhance the overall quality of life for our residents.

How does Henry Nihill ensure that residents recieved personalised and high quality care?

We assess anyone before they come into Henry Nihill House to find out their medical and support needs. We will then talk with the families, and find out their loved ones' preferences and what makes them happy. The GP will also come and do their own assesment. Each resident has got their own named nurse and their own key workers. Overtime, as we learn more about those we care for, we can specifically tailor their needs.   

What type of activities or prgrams are offered to residents?

The fun never stops at our care home!

We have an activities team (two full time members of staff working 6 days a week). They host a variety of activities, some of them 1-to-1, some of them are group sessions. We also love our arts and crafts! 

As our home is equipped with a beautiful back garden, we encourage our residents to get some fresh air. We also have a barbecue area which we love to you in the summer time.  

Do we accommodate special diets e.g vegan or vegetarian?

Absolutely! We have a list in the kitchen of all the residents that have any sort of dietary requirements so we can cater to their needs. This includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets!

Any other questions? The team has got you covered!


Use our easy booking system to secure a place at Henry Nihill House for your loved one. We're here to provide the best care possible.

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